Honey Toast @ Ichiza

by noralewis




Decadence in box form is the ultimate descriptor for the Honey Toast dessert at Ichizathis tiny Japanese restaurant on the second level of a Chinatown strip mall. The flavors of this dish almost trick your mind into believing it’s lighter than it actually is, maybe even moderately healthy—but do not be fooled. It’s a true dessert.


Honey Toast consists of what seems like nearly half a loaf of brioche that has been oven toasted to perfection before being drenched in honey and topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream. It’s amazing to say the least. The porousness of the brioche thirstily absorbs the honey and melted ice cream. However, be warned—bite composition is crucial to enjoying this dessert. One must have a balanced spoonful, consisting of equal parts soft brioche, toasty crisp crust, gooey honey and ice cream. Each component adds a different flavor dimension and mouth sensation and together they’re explosive.


I am a massive fan of hot-cold desserts because I love the juxtaposition of the hot and cold sensations. The honey toast at Ichiza achieves this perfectly. I’m interested to see what a few flakes of sea salt might do for the already amazing honey toast (because I am also a humongous fan of sweet-salty desserts).

And the best part of it all? Ichiza is open until 3am every night, meaning this dessert is essentially always obtainable to satiate and (drunken) sweets cravings you might have.