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Honey Pecan Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Whole Wheat Cookies (secretly kind of healthy, still super delicious) In the words of Esteban, “so fucking bomb.” Call me a diva, but I’m a stickler for *fresh* cookies. I don’t want any of that day-old BS. This means that I make cookie dough ahead of time and just bake […]


This is basically the best banana bread ever, just cooked to be more flat rather than in a loaf pan. You could totally bake it in a loaf pan if you wanted (baking time would be longer-45 minutes-1 hour). It’s so good, all the boys will love you, that’s why it’s called ‘boy bait.’ Topping […]

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The Bronze Café at the LGBTQ Center I adore the Bronze Café for so many reasons, the food is just one of many. This may imply that Bronze Cafe is a gathering place and not a restaurant. But let me assure you, it is a cafe, a gathering place, and a restaurant where it’s nice […]

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Art of Flavors Gelato—the truest named establishment in Vegas. Gelato is one of my all-time favorite foods. However, it’s really easy to find bad, grainy, artificially flavored gelato in most places like grocery stores and dessert shops. It’s this conundrum that makes Art of Flavors (AOF) so precious. AOF is owned and operated by a […]

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Le Thai, Oh My! If you haven’t already noticed, I’m partial to Asian food. So, remember that when I say: Le Thai is the best restaurant in DTLV (downtown Las Vegas). I know, I know, there are a few other super and wonderful eateries in the DTLV region, but let’s talk about Le Thai. Le […]

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Bachi Burger   Bachi Burger serves up innovative and exciting flavor combinations—the menu is full of surprises.The name “Bachi” is derived from the word “hibachi” which is a Japanese style of grilling  Most of Bachi Burger’s dishes are influenced by a variety of Asian flavors. For starters, its location is great—there is a movie theater […]


HONEY TOAST POST Decadence in box form is the ultimate descriptor for the Honey Toast dessert at Ichiza—this tiny Japanese restaurant on the second level of a Chinatown strip mall. The flavors of this dish almost trick your mind into believing it’s lighter than it actually is, maybe even moderately healthy—but do not be fooled. […]

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Whoa moments at Chada Thai & Wine In pursuit of another Chinatown strip-mall adventure, a group of friends journeyed into a small, dark restaurant called Chada Thai and Wine. More friends = more food = more dishes to try. Our best decision of the night was ordering by our server’s recommendations. Four dishes later, Chada […]


FAT CHOY! The Eureka Casino smells like a combination of cigarette smoke and the fragrance circulated in the air ducts at Mandalay Bay (for you non-Las Vegans, most casinos pump air fresheners to mask the cigarette smell). An unlikely home for such a delicious restaurant; somehow Fat Choy has managed to clear its petite space […]

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After binge-watching the entire first season of Mind of a Chef with David Chang, all I could think about was burying my face in a steaming bowl of ramen. Fun fact: Ramen noodles achieve their shape and texture through alkalinity. To properly satisfy my ramen cravings, I decided to pay a visit — friend in […]